As a team of professionals:

Offers instruments which, on the one hand, support credit risk assessment systems as part of prevention, reducing the risk of collaboration with an unreliable customer, and on the other hand, when employed in the existing process of debt collection, increase the efficiency of the recovery processes.

Provides a source of unique current economic data, which enables you to reliably assess the financial viability of a potential or existing customer. ERIF BIG S.A. includes economic information related to entities of all sectors of the economy that are reported by secondary creditors, financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, providers of digital and cable television, ISPs and others, as well as administrations of cities and municipalities, housing cooperatives, businesses and consumers.

Ensures high quality and reliability of available data with the quarterly periodic verification of ERIF BIG S.A. database conducted by an independent auditor. Confirmed, transparent data is the basis of the effectiveness of the instruments in the area of risk or debt collection implemented by our customers. It is an additional source of information for financial institutions and other entities who, aided by complex and comprehensive information about customers and counterparties, are able to reliably and extensively assess their creditworthiness.

Ensures the security of the data collected and made available through the ERIF System which guarantees a high level of reliability and security, and meets all the legal conditions as well as technological requirements of our Partners.

Offers an opportunity to implement additional instruments to support the processes of risk assessment and debt collection processes. Instruments offered by ERIF BIG S.A. provide assistance in the efficient and comprehensive diagnosis of the reliability of customers and partners, as well as in effective debt collection.

Individually adjusts the model and conditions for collaboration to meet the needs, expectations and capabilities of customers. ERIF BIG S.A. is open to various forms of collaboration, and with the market know-how and accumulated experience can offer you optimal solutions.

Caters for long-term relationships with customers, because thanks to them the best results of collaboration and satisfaction with services and applied solutions can be obtained. Each customer is assisted by a team of experts who aim to help at every stage of collaboration.