Benefits for companies

ERIF BIG S.A. is an infallible and up-to-date system for exchanging data about financial reliability of entrepreneurs and customers. It is an indispensible instrument whenever non-cash payments and the risk of non-payment are involved.

ERIF System offered by ERIF BIG S.A. provides access to the economic information database, the only one in Poland to be periodically verified by an independent auditor. For this reason we offer you a reliable and independent source of information. You can use the database of ERIF BIG S.A. online on a dedicated information platform available 24/7. You can use the resources of ERIF database in any web browser in a simple and convenient way.

With our customers in mind, we offer a Call Service Centre responsible for supporting the implementation of the instruments of ERIF BIG S.A. in the receivables management processes across the enterprise and in the course of further collaboration.

As we understand the need for an individual approach to each company operating in the SME market, we offer the following options to our customers:

Checking economic information

Collaboration with ERIF BIG S.A. means access to the details required to manage financial risk. With verification of the payment reliability, you ensure that you and your company have a solid foundation on which business decisions are based. Checking whether economic information about a potential customer or contractor is available in ERIF BIG S.A. is a reliable source of information about the risks involved in prospective collaboration. You limit the uncertainty of the decision which may affect the financial viability of your business.


Take advantage of the instruments improving payment habits and timely settlement of liabilities by businesses and consumers, accelerating the turnover of receivables and improving cash flow. See what we have prepared for you:

  • preventive instruments;
  • debt collection instruments.

We know your needs, so the solutions we offer are sensitive to the trade and the stage of development of the market in which a company operates – we are flexible and we will adjust to your needs.

By implementing our solutions, your company gains an effective and multi-level debt collection process:

  • A preventive stamp of ERIF BIG S.A. on invoices or bills you issue makes them a priority as you notify the payer of the consequences of being in arrears.
  • Sending a request for payment is a confirmation of the intent to take action and to report the debt and the details of the debtor to ERIF BIG S.A. An official reminder often results in repayment of the full outstanding amount for fear of the consequences of a negative report in the economic information bureau.
  • Reporting a customer or a counterparty to a database and thus making the details of its debt publicly available is a strong incentive for them to repay the outstanding amount. Details of the debt available in ERIF BIG S.A. can severely hinder the use of financial services (credit, loans, instalment plans), or signing agreements with ISPs, cable or digital television service providers. If an entity conducts business activities, it may be an obstacle for him/her to concluding agreements with counterparties and to obtaining trade credit.
  • Sending a notification that the details have been reported to ERIF BIG S.A. is official confirmation that the negative data is available in ERIF database and every market participant can access it. Being aware of the fact that every potential customer or counterparty can obtain the information on debt results in the payment of overdue amounts in order to quickly remove the negative report from the economic information bureau. The faster you react to the payment gridlock on the side of your customers and counterparties, the greater the chances that the debt will be paid.
  • Constant monitoring of the counterparty will enable you to keep track of their financial situation. Automated tracking of ERIF database resources is a guarantee that you obtain current information when the company you are working with is reported in ERIF BIG S.A. It will be a warning for you indicating the risk that even the amount due to you may not be paid on time. If you are aware of this in advance, you have a chance to take preventive measures to ensure the financial security of your business.

ERIF Register of Debtors starter package

At the outset of your collaboration with ERIF BIG S.A. you will obtain a special starter package that will enable you to quickly and effectively take advantage of our solutions in the field of prevention and debt collection. Additionally, our consultants are at your disposal for the entire period of collaboration.

The package includes:

  • activation of the Customer account in the ERIF System;
  • Preventive Stamp of ERIF BIG S.A. (a stamping machine);
  • a CD (including the guide to the System);
  • a Customer Card enabling you to take advantage of promotions and receive prizes;
  • a pen.

A positive report

The economic information bureau receives, stores and discloses information on debtors, but also includes information on timely payment of liabilities. Positive reports are dedicated to individuals or entities that are not in debt and pay their liabilities on time. A positive report is a form of references that confirm payment reliability. With the accumulation of both negative and positive reports in ERIF BIG S.A. of all market participants, you will find comprehensive economic information about their businesses.