The KRUK Group

ERIF Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej S.A.

ERIF BIG S.A. is an economic information bureau, whose task is to amass and share information about debtors as well as consumers who meet their liabilities on time.

When being reported in ERIF BIG S.A., diligent payers have an opportunity to prove their financial credibility. Debtors however, are hindered or prevented from using banking products, obtaining loans, instalment purchases or signing contracts with, for example, telecommunications service providers.

The partners of ERIF BIG S.A. include telecommunications companies and financial institutions as well as the SME sector companies. ERIF BIG S.A. maintains registers of debtors in the transportation, fuel and timber sector.


KRUK S.A. has for many years been a leader in the debt management industry and a key player in both custom debt collection and debt trading.

With KRUK’s banks, credit intermediaries, insurance companies and other financial institutions, mobile and fixed-line operators, television and digital platforms and cable operators are up to date with the latest details on receivables. KRUK also works with housing associations, power distribution plants, distribution and retail companies (FMCG) and other entities to which private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises are indebted.
By collecting debt KRUK S.A. restores money into economic circulation, regulates the financial liquidity of companies and stimulates market growth. While taking care of the healthy finances of its customers, it employs technological innovations in its commitment to effective and high-quality debt collection processes.

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